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Delivering Measurable Outcomes that Make a Difference 

Ben Allegretti Consulting (BAC)

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BAC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in Clinical Informatics, Program and Project Management Consulting, Human Factors & User Experience, and Information Technology. Using an integrated approach, we deliver customized strategies and comprehensive solutions for business challenges and organizational demands.


With a team of cross-functional, subject matter experts from wide-ranging fields, BAC uses our comprehensive skill set to transform organizations, test and develop products, and encourage best practices in healthcare, program and project management, patient safety, user experience, and information technology.


We are value-driven, versatile, and geared towards improving organizational performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.


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Clinical Informatics

Specializing in Clinical Informatics, BAC helps healthcare organizations use data, digital tools, and analytics to generate improved health outcomes. From system implementation to user training, we test and develop products, systems, and services that span organizational needs.

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Management Consulting

As Management Consultants, we help organizations adopt best practices, optimize strategic planning, and improve their overall performance. BAC offers wide-ranging management assistance, including program and project management, business analysis, decision support, communications, data analytics, organizational development, and performance measurement.

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Information Technology

When it comes to Information Technology (IT), BAC offers IT management support, system testing, and requirement/compliance development to encourage best practices, promote organizational growth, and improve effectiveness and efficiency.

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Human Factors & User Experience

Human Factors Engineering (HFE) and User Experience (UX) create solutions for interactive technologies within particular work environments, based on the goals of end users and their backgrounds, strengths and limitations. At BAC, our goal is to leverage this human-centered approach in developing and testing systems and tools that optimize safety and minimize the risk of error in multi-faceted environments.

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Your Team are by far the best contractors I’ve ever worked with.

-VHA Program Manager

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What a great roll-out this has been! So much support. Good, clear, accurate directions....And someone actually answers when we blast the Bat Signal for help.

-VA Medical Center Health Informatics Lead

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BAC coordinated the effort and provided subject matter expertise to create COVID-19 templates utilized in over 34M situations with over 6.26M unique Veteran patients


Our solutions led to a 97% reduction rate in lost colorectal screening results


BAC projects led to a 30% reduction in provider alert fatigue

Interested in what we do?

Get in touch. We'd love to talk.

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As a certified SDVOSB, BAC qualifies for set-aside and restricted competition federal contracting opportunities.

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